Free Seniors Movie Matinee

“Shane! Come back!”

Shane is regarded as one of the finest American films ever made, and is on virtually every list of the top ten westerns. Inspired by the Johnson County War, an actual incident in the area around Casper, Wyoming in 1892, Shane is re-located to the stunningly scenic Jackson Hole area in the northwest corner of the state. Here the days of the open range are coming to an end, and homesteaders are establishing small farms and ranches --- and building fences. This does not sit well with the few large cattle ranchers, who determine to push the settlers out, violently if necessary.

The new Blu-ray high definition restoration of Shane, released in August of 2013, restores not only the color and the clarity of the film, but also the undiminished full image. This is a great restoration of a superb film on the occasion of its sixtieth anniversary, bringing new life to an old classic.

2:00pm to 4:00pm

Free admission to the movie.